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Best website for your business?

Basically website is an collection of webpages, but its broadly classified in to two types based on the managing it, those called as Static & Dynamic website.

Websites that only use HTML and CSS are called static websites, and websites with scripting are called dynamic websites. When thinking about making your website, it’s important to identify which type of site you want.

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Why SME sector companies need a Website ?

A website is essential way to expose yourself or your company to outside the world nowadays. Website also create marketing opportunities to expand your company. Your target audience is easily to get your business information as well as get your support via online.

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Benefits of having an email ID on your own domain

  Get Instant Recognition and Branding Having an business class email ID on your domain has an extension of your business name and looks like It leads to instant brand recognition and promotes branding of your business. Promote Your Own Brand By using a free email service, you are not promoting your own business but, promoting […]

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